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Omega Structural, Inc. has the best Structural Engineer who responds quickly to email and calls. He is attentive to details and will make sure you are getting exactly what you are asking for. We know what our clients deserve, and our Structural Engineer is without a doubt the best for you as he will give the exact calculations, measurements, and estimate. Whether it is for home Additions and Damage.

What we offer:

  • Shoring plans
  • Permits
  • Blue Prints
  • On-Site Engineer
  • In-House Engineering

How do you know or decide when a structural repair is necessary?

1. Inadequately-supported load-bearing walls

2. Inadequately supported non-load-bearing walls

3. Excessive beam and floor-joist spans

4. Excessive ceiling-joist and roof-rafter spans

5.The construction of the entire wood-frame superstructure on an insufficient foundation or a foundation constructed on poor soil, such as expansive clay soil, poorly-compacted fill or wet/organic-laden soil

6. Differential bearing on poor soil and bedrock, or on steep hillside slopes which may be unstable and slowly creeping or moving downhill under the pull of gravity.

7. Long-term wood decay from termite or fungal infestation associated with unknown plumbing leaks, roof leaks, exterior wall leaks, wet or humid crawl spaces, humid attic spaces